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How Do I Make Disciples Part 8

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Big Idea: To follow Christ is to be like Christ.

Review: These are the previous Big Idea statements.
The Gospel is God’s good news that saves and sanctifies a person.
You never grow beyond the Gospel.
Christianity is about relationship.
The basic goals are to know God (by spending time with God) and for God to live His life through you.
Spending time with God should be motivated by love.
Scripture is the final authority for all beliefs, experiences, and actions.
Prayer is conversation with God; we speak and listen.
A disciple is more than an educated believer; a disciple wants to become like Christ.  

What does God want from me?  

Jesus used two words to answer the question: Follow Me! It’s more than claiming to be a Christian, attending church, and learning Bible stories. It’s more than being an admirer of His life or fascinated by His teachings.

To follow Him is to be like Him. It includes spending time with our Him (listening to Him, watching Him, and imitating Him) so that we can be like Him, and eventually pass on these teachings to more disciples.

Following Christ is much easier than following another rabbi. While first century disciples wanted to be like their rabbi, it was because his rabbi wanted to fulfill the law to please God. These rabbis were devout keepers of the law, but they were still fallen and sinful. They developed complicated yokes, and additional laws to ensure they would obey Torah. The result was a heavier, more complicated yoke. The relationship looked something like this:
How Do I Make Disciples (Part 6)
The process was complicated. To follow God, please God, and obey God—a disciple started at the bottom of this chain. After years of study, they might become a disciple. In order to be like their rabbi, they needed to follow the rabbi, take on his yoke, keep the Law, and hope it was enough to please God.

Following Christ is not complicated. Jesus is God. Jesus fulfilled the Law. His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matt. 11:28-30). We do not obey the Law to be right with God; we have been made right with God by our rabbi. For a disciple of Christ, the flow is circular.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 7.24.42 PM

Jesus tells us to follow Him. As we follow Him (or abide in Him), we become like Him (John 15:1-10). It’s that simple.
To follow Christ is to be like Christ. Is your life becoming like His? Is His heart being manifested in your life? Do you love others? Are you focused on His Kingdom? Are you serving as He served? Are you following His example for spending time with the Father?

If not, the solution is not to tackle the problem with determination and discipline. The solution is to follow Him by abiding in Him. As you do, He will live His life through you, and you become more like Him.


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