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New Parenting Podcast

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In order to bring resources together in one location, we have created a new podcast for parents. This podcast includes all of the messages from “Discipling the Family” from Life Baptist Church in Las Vegas. It will also include some other parenting talks shared through MOPS, discipleship studies, and video chats.

The topics include…

  • Discipline
  • Sharing the Gospel with your kids
  • How to pray for your kids
  • Helping transition your children to the path of wisdom
  • The importance of conversations
  • What has God asked parents to do?
  • How do you transfer your faith to your kids?
  • Warnings related to “Grace Based Parenting.”
  • The importance of biblical modeling among the sexes
  • Creating a discipleship plan for the family
  • Etc.

Please follow the link the subscribe to the podcast.

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