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Book Synopsis: The Leadership Secrets of Jesus

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Here’s a 3 minute synopsis of Mike Murdock’s book entitled, “The Leadership Secrets of Jesus.”

  • Successful people are simply problem solvers
  • Your integrity will always be remembered longer than your product.
  • You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.
  • A tired mind rarely makes good decisions.
  • Work time is giving. Rest time is receiving.
  • A plan is a written list of arranged actions necessary to achieve your desired goal.
  • Sometimes you have to do something you hate to create something you love.

There are 4 kinds of people in your life:

  1. Those who add
  2. Those who subtract
  3. Those who divide
  4. Those who multiply
  • EVERY relationship will affect you for good or bad.
  • You may need to change locations and situations to unlock the full potential of your success.
  • The quality of preparation determines the quality of performance.
  • Authority creates order.
  • Mentorship is the master key to extraordinary success.
  • People never by your product for the reasons you sell it. They buy the product for what it will do for them.
  • Never build your future around your past.
  • Criticism is the death gargle of a non-achiever.
  • Critical people are disappointed people. Disillusioned people. Unfocused people. They are hurting on the inside. They build their life trying to destroy others.
  • Bitterness is more devastating than betrayal.
  • Those who wait usually win. Those who refuse to wait usually lose. Patience is powerful.
  • What you hear repeatedly, you eventually will believe.
  • Success is a collection of relationships.
  • Your future is connected to people; develop people skills.

Set specific goals.

In 1952, a prominent university discovered that only 3 out of 100 graduates had written down a clear list of goals. 10 years later, their follow-up study showed that 3% of the graduating class had accomplished more financially than the remaining 97%. Those 3% were the same graduates who had written down their goals.

  • Great men simply have great habits.
  • It takes approximately 56 hours to read the Bible completely. If you read 40 chapters a day, you will complete it in 30 days. If you read 9 chapters a day, you can cover the New Testament in 30 days.
  • Impatience is costly.
  • Your greatest mistakes will happen because of impatience.

Thoughts on delegation:

  1. Do what you do best.
  2. What you love is a clue to your calling and talent.
  3. Strife will never go away voluntarily. You must confront it. You will never correct what you are unwilling to confront.
  4. People rarely respect anyone they are capable of intimidating, dominating, or manipulating.
  5. The secret of your future is determined in the seeds you sow today.
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Is learning to live from the overflow of my relationship with Jesus; Husband, Father, Pastor, Church Planter, Author, UGA grad... football and UFC enthusiast.

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