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Three types of leaders and how to retain them…

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Here’s a quick overview of key truths from Common Purpose by Joel Kurtzman.

  • Great leaders motivate people by building a sense of inclusiveness, which is how they connect with and become accepted by the group.
  • Common purpose is what turns me into we.
  • Leadership matters not just when it comes to preventing calamities and seizing opportunities.
  • Your customers’ definition of success has to be your definition of success.
  • Common purpose requires common goals. But it also requires communicating what’s expected and providing feedback when people get it right.

How to retain leaders:

  1. Identify them early & make sure they know it.
  2. Celebrate their accomplishments.
  3. Educate them about the organization & its capabilities.
  4. Give them access to the team at the top.
  5. Respond quickly with counter offers if they plan to leave.
  6. Reward them with new challenges; not just with more money.
  • Leadership is really about guiding, coaching, and inspiring others to reach a goal.
  • You cannot lead if you don’t know the people you are leading. The best way to get to know them is informally.
  • Rather than obsessing about the competition, organizations should focus on the people they want to serve.

3 Key Types of Leaders in an Organization:

  1. Strategic: Plot the course; long term thinkers; understand where the future is going to be & how to get there.
  2. Operational: Make trains; run on time
  3. Bridge-Building: Connect people together, transfer knowledge, make introductions to help others achieve their goals
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